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These guns are a must for all aspects of dry lining. When snagging a job, repairs to air seal and castellation is made easier without the need to remove the grid.
A.F Contractor
Ace Partitions Ltd.
The long reach guns have proved very successful on our project in Bristol where we have been using them for some awkward high level works. Our small works department has also taken an interest in it. The mastic gun is also particularly good for reducing the risk of falls as you don't need to be on such high access equipment to reach the works or it can be done from the floor, so that was noted by our Health and Safety Manager.
Dave Plummer
Optimum Drywall Systems
Gun arrived yesterday morning, impressive bit of kit. I only need to use this for one specific diy task and did do a search on hire shops to no avail, unless I missed something. I was wondering if you have thought about this potential sales avenue and if you need any proof to convince them there is a market need then here is an email to that effect. The gun is very well made so it's not likely to be returned from hire with broken parts and as such I thought the hire companies would welcome a low maintenance item such as this. I can't believe that I'm the only person who has the occasional need for one now and again. When I got the gun and I could see the quality of engineering that has gone into it. They are value for money. This is unlike most of the cheap flimsy guns available and should last a lifetime so maybe this needs highlighting to the same degree as the benefits of using long reach.
Mike Birch