Long Reach Sealant Guns

The Benefits

Read about how a Long Reach Sealant Gun can benefit you or your employees

  • Greater reach.
  • Greater capacity.
  • Can save considerably time and money.
  • Accepts both ‘sausage’ foil pack sealants and standard cartridges.
  • Thrust ratio 18:1 as standard.
  • Robust aluminium body and mechanism.
  • Ergonomic and well balanced.
  • Manufactured to a high standard.
  • Suitable for professional use or DIY.
  • Can be used with any type of sealant.
  • Can be filled with mortar for pointing joints with bricks or patios.

Our long reach sealant guns are distributed in the USA and Canada. Positive feedback has been received from these territories. Our products are known as The GC-Gun in the US.


We also have BigGuns distributing the ‘sealant guns’ in New Zealand and Australia. Again feedback is positive.

Our sealant Guns are now available in France, known as XL-Pro.