Long Reach Sealant Guns

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I have worked in various sectors of the construction industry since 1990 after completing my apprenticeship. Having worked with some of the largest construction companies in the U.K., from joinery, dry lining to fire/air sealing.


After discovering difficulties with regard to completing the fire/air sealing tasks, I devised a long reach sealant gun. After using a prototype, which was successful, I then arranged a patent and manufacture of these products. The benefits of the products are reduce the risk of falls and over reaching whilst working at height, the time saving aspect and the financial savings.  


My vision is to reduce the risk to contractors whilst working at height, and in confined spaces having struggled with these issues myself. I also aim to assist in the financial savings associated with completing these tasks.


We have a health and safety advisor with over 30 years service in diverse sectors.
We are working with Niatrust Inc. who are based in New York, USA; promoting the long reach sealant guns in the US and Big Guns, Australia; promoting in Australia and New Zealand.


Jason C. Jones – Managing Director.